How to care for Tropical Fish

Mid-Water Feeder Fish

You can spot a mid-water feeder fish by their mouth, it sits right on the front of their snout, the mid-water group is the largest of all groups allowing you to have many choices when picking fish for your aquarium. All the fish in this category are of the same fish shape except the Discus and Angelfish whose bodies are narrower allowing them to slip between plant life in the tank.

The Cardinal Tetra

A beautifully coloured fish native to South America and related to the Piranha, they also share the same amount of teeth as a Piranha fish. Growing to around 3cm in length they are similar inside to the popular Neon Tetras.

The Glowlight Tetra

These fish let off a wonderful glow from an orange/gold line across its body; the line also sits just above their eye. They enjoy a well-planted tank with a dark coloured bottom; this also allows you to see the glow as if it is coming from inside their body.

The Harlequin Fish

A very lively but also peaceful fish that enjoys being around its own species, when you have a shoal of fish in the tank you can witness them all swimming in unison as if the are one fish. They grow to around 4cm in length and thrive on a diet of standard flaked tropical fish foods. They lay their eggs on the underneath of wide leafed plants.

Pearl Gourami

Normally recommended to those with some experience in keeping tropical fish as they can react badly to poor water conditions. They are best kept in pairs of the same species and can reach a size of up to 10cm in length. The Pearls will build bubble nests to place and keep their eggs in.

The Tiger Barb

A favourite amongst many tropical fish keepers, they are native to the Far East and can grow to around 5cm in length. You can recognise them by their four striped dark bands from top to bottom on their body and their fins have an orange colouring to them around the edges. It is reported that keeping just a few of these fish in with other species can cause them to nip at the fins of slower moving fish, to overcome this you should keep them in shoals.

The Ruby Barb

This fish gets its name from the male of the species changes colour around breeding time to a rich purple being most prominent around their head, the female of the species is pale with dark stripes. They can grow up to around 5cm in length and are very active inside the aquariums. As well as feeding flaked foods their diet should also include some live food like worms and Daphnia.

The Angelfish

Having a disc shaped body that allows for ease of movement between plant life makes this a very popular fish to be kept in aquariums. Native to South America the original species had a silver body with dark stripes running vertically, now there is many different variations of colour to chose from such as gold and marbled, you can also source a rare albino Angelfish. Once the fish get large they may start to harass other smaller fish in the tank.

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