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Ideas for an Aquarium

There is an unlimited amount of ways one could set up their tropical fish aquarium; here we will go over a few examples of how you could initially set up the tank with a variety of tropical fish. The main thing to remember is choosing fish that are compatible with each other and allow enough room for the fish to freely swim in. The examples are based on an aquarium 65x40x30cm.

Set up number one

Fish - 2 pairs of Black Mollies - 2 Guppies - 1 Pair of Swordtails - 5 Tiger Barbs - 1 Pearl Gourami - 2 pairs of Platies - 2 small Angelfish

Plants - Try to get plants that vary in height and place the tallest plants near the back of the tank with the smaller plants in front. You can chose from any of these plants - Vallisneria - Hygrophila - Ludwigia - Sagittaria - Echinodorus paniculatus - The amount of plants to use depends on how much other decoration you have in the tank such as rocks and bogwood etc, normally around two dozen plants in sufficient.

Set up number two

Fish - 5 Glowlight Tetras - 5 Glass Catfish - 3 Harlequins - 3 Clown Loaches - 2 pairs of Guppies - 3 Corydoras - 1 Siamese fighting fish.

Plants - Use any of the plants mention in the previous scheme.

Both examples will allow you to enjoy a full and varied aquarium with a lot to observe and care for.

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