How to care for Tropical Fish

Caring for Tropical Fish

Tropical fish can easily be divided into two main categories, marine fish and freshwater fish; here we will be talking about freshwater fish. Marine fish tend to have very specific conditions regarding keeping and maintaining them, usually involving very complex processes.

You can buy many variations and colourful tropical fish from most pet stores and aquarist shops. You should take as much time as you are comfortable with in choosing the different species to be kept along side one another. Taking the time to learn some basic knowledge about freshwater tropical fish will prepare you in securing a healthy environment for your fish to live in and observe their complex behaviour. People tend to chose tropical fish as they offer much more variety than cold water fish, please bare in mind that the initial set up of water pumps and heating elements and temperature gauges can cost a little more than if you chose to keep cold water fish.

Tropical freshwater fish are known to come from various different habitats all around the globe. In Africa they specialize in groups of fish called cichlids, killifish and catfish. In central and South America they have the most live- bearing fish, which include species such as Swordtails, Platies, Guppies, and Mollies, these are all native to the central Americas. They inhabit the waterways, which more than often receive seawaters on their trails. Some favourites for perennial aquariums include colourful tetras such as the Neon and Cardinal tetras, these are very closely related to Piranha fish and they share the same watercourses that flow through South America, other favourites include Corydoras Catfish and the Angelfish.

Barbs and Rasboras have their home in the slow moving rivers of India and South East Asia. This is also the home of the famous Siamese fighting fish that are able to survive in the sometimes oxygen depleted waters by making use of their unique auxiliary breathing organs.

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